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We provide our customers the discovery and wording of the brand core and its transfer to an effective and convincing brand communication, as well as a strategy for a worldwide marketing expedition.

With you, we explore new paths for your even greater success.

Two characters of brands

Nicole Roesler
“True branding mastership appears in all aspects of reasonable, consistent and unique brand communication! It is the outcome of a creative process where the results miraculously appear the way they should have been all along!”

Nicole Roesler, CEO & Founder

Writer, visionary for luxury and lifestyle, brand management and development, expertise in international branding, creates publicity, close and worldwide contacts to relevant specialist, luxury and lifestyle media and to opinion leaders in architecture, design, art and culture, formerly responsible for brands like Omega, Montblanc, Escada, Kaldewei, Grohe.


Andreas Gantenhammer
“Successful brands that are admired, desired, precious and of its own division do have one thing in common: quality and consistency in design. Brand design, product design, and communication design. Nothing else is in our focus.”

Andreas Gantenhammer, CEO & Founder

Communication design, product design, web worlds, creator of patented technology, designer of innovative products, teaching work at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf. Foundation member of design council. Honored with several awards, nominations, brands and patents. 25 years of experience in design for Deutsche Mineralbrunnen, international fashion brands as well as for customers in industry, service and technology.


Scope of Work

Brand building

Name creation for brands with international recognition and fame

Definition and expression of the brand key and company DNA

Creation of company logo and communication claim

Realization of a brand book for internal and external brand culture and behavior

Training and events for all relevant internal staff and external partners

Media and multipliers

Creation of a state-of-the-art marketing and communication concept that revolutionizes the sea of sameness of the segment and beyond

Realization of cutting-edge campaigns, to consumers, B2B and multipliers as architects, designers, planners, media and multipliers

State-of-the-art print, tv, movies, web and literature

Revolutionary events, exhibitions, guerilla marketing activities

Marketing and communication

PR strategies, press conferences and invitations for major recognition worldwide

Media planning and buying to assure achieving the target at best cost efficiency

Web (r)evolution

Website creation and realization

Bringing our brands to top-of-mind awareness through SEA and SEO

Social media campaigns that create great results with international recognition

Production, logistics and networking

Literature, books, movies, events, exhibitions... we deliver AAA standard in short time and at reasonable costs. In all languages and for each culture!

We find the perfect logistic solutions for you.

We help you to acquire the best of the best distribution partners.

We bring you ahead of the competition in each segment, sector or country.

Beyond “business as usual”

Think the unbelievable. We make it come true. Velvet books, exhibition spaces with explosions of light, a firework of opportunities is waiting for you to turn your dream of a brand into reality. We think cross-border and lift you to a higher level of success!

Cases of Success


“The color of elegance”
Finest brand communication.


Perfectly staged.
Production for different media.

Mr. Steam

With Mr. Steam, the spa comes into its own four walls.

Balbach Damast

New and modern positioning for innovative forging.

Grohe Spa

High-class brand lift up.
Establishing GROHE SPA as international premium brand.

Home Temple

New branding and logo for a super high-end showroom in the upcoming metropole Shenzhen.

Tect-o Doré

Handmade in Germany

Axent Switzerland

AXENT is a leading global bath brand.


From a traditional brand
to the brand of the century.

Uth home

Leading architect and supplier
for global premium bath solutions.


From manufacturer of writing
instruments to a luxury label.

Union Getraenke

Individual and timeless appearance.
First class brand relaunch.

Der DENKER DIALOG entstand während der Corona-Krise nach einer Idee von Nicole Roesler. Rund um die Diskussionen über die Auswirkungen und Begleiterscheinungen des Coronavirus auf unsere Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft und Kultur, auf unsere Psyche sowie auf die Medien wurde ein Format geschaffen, in dem kluge Köpfe unterschiedlicher Fachbereiche und Branchen zusammengeführt werden. In inspirierenden Statements, Dialogen und Diskussionen geht es um den Stand der Dinge, positive Impulse und mögliche zukünftige Entwicklungen.

Der DENKER DIALOG findet alle vier Wochen live virtuell via Zoom statt, dauert rund 1,5 Stunden und ist in drei Sessions eingeteilt. Pro Session gibt es zwei Sprecher, die jeweils drei bis fünf Minuten über ihr Thema sprechen. Im Anschluss an eine Session wird die Diskussion für alle (auch für die Zuschauer/-hörer) eröffnet. Die Veranstaltung wird aufgezeichnet, die Highlights werden zusammengefasst und in der Folgewoche auf und in den Sozialen Medien (YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter) veröffentlicht.

Wer beim nächsten DENKER DIALOG dabei sein möchte, findet die Einwahldaten in den Ankündigungen auf Und wer ein interessantes Thema als Sprecher beisteuern möchte, wendet sich direkt an Nicole Roesler.

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